Best Sex Positions For Couples

Best Sex Positions For Couples

Love needs sex and it’s needy for every person. Couples can make their relationship long-lasting with the perfect sex and a perfect sex position is a must for it. If you are unable to satisfy your partner then he/she must find another way for physical satisfaction.

But you need not worry because in this article we are going to tell you about some pleasurable and hot positions for couples.

Curled Angel-

In this pose, the girl folds her both legs up to her breast and the man holds her from behind. This position is also beneficial for sex during pregnancy.

Lotus Blossoms-

Girl sits on guy’s lap having both arms around her neck and her legs outside of his waist. This position needs flexibility in the body.

Cowgirl or Cowboy-

This is a very usual sex position which includes woman or man on top. Either girl or boy lies on the bed or the other person sits on him/her. It is a very satisfying position.

The hot seat-

This position’s name is erotic. A Boy sits on the side of the bed having his feet on the floor. Then the girl sits in the same position on his legs and puts her both legs equal to him. You can also use a chair except for a bed.

Reverse cowgirl-

If you like the simple cowgirl position then you must try it once and it will touch your heart definitely. It is just opposite to cowgirl position. Girl sits on top of her boy folding her knees but this time she doesn’t keep her face opposite to him. You will feel full of pleasure.

Doggy style-

Maybe no one is unaware of this position. Girl puts her both hands and knees on the bed or floor and posture like a dog. Then the boy penetrates from behind. In this position, the penis touches the cervix. Some ladies don’t like this position, because they feel a little hurt and some feel more pleasure.

Crossed keys-

In this position, a girl lies on the bed and keeps her legs in the air and the boy crosses her legs and having her face in front of her and holds. This is a comfortable position for sex.

Suspended scissors-

This position is hard to do because it needs more strength and balance in the bodies of both boys and girls. A Boy holds her waist with one hand and keeps his other hand on her one leg. And the second legs of the girl go between two legs of a boy. Then the girl balances herself on her single hand on the floor or bed. A boy must be strong for this because during penetration he has to hold the girl for the full balance.


The girl lies on the bed and the man also lies a little away from her and puts his face in the same direction. Then he puts his both legs between her legs. This position makes a cross, that’s why it’s called Criss-cross position.


The man keeps his half body on the bed and upper half body towards the floor. Then the girl sits in him and wide her both legs and takes little jumps for penetration.