7 Myths About Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships

It is said that change is the only constant. But when it comes to our loved ones the change is hard to accept. With the changing time for the sake of profession many leave their loved ones behind and move to other places. Thus long-distance relationships are more common now. On the other hand, because of the popularity of online dating sites, online dating is becoming increasingly popular. Relationships develop with people living in the other corner of the world.

The myth regarding long-distance relationship is thus prevalent. If you are wondering whether it is worth investing your time in the long-distance relationship here are some truths behind the myths behind long-distance relationships that will help you make up your mind.

  1. Long-distance relations are not made for the long run

Many believe that long-distance does not actually last in the long run because of the lack of communication and proximity. But it is never wise to follow the concept of the mass blindly. If we look back, we will find many elderly couples who have survived through this phase of relationship at some point in life.

  1. There is not enough seriousness

Family, friends especially parents do not approve of a relationship developed via online sites. They are not taken seriously at the time and are not considered real. It is true that all the strangers you meet online are not trustworthy but you are the best judge of the situation.

  1. The feel to be in touch always

Communication is the key to any relationship. But it should follow a healthy pattern. Often our expectations pose as a problem in our relationships. We feel that the more we talk to each other the better connected we are. The need to communicate should be natural and not forced. Respect your and your partner’s independence and give the needed space to them.

  1. Avoiding arguments

Differences of opinions are common in any relationship. But it is a myth that arguments can create more problems when the partner is staying far away. Take time and discuss the matter openly with your partner rather than jumping to conclusions as it is more difficult when the loved one is living miles away.

  1. Staying loyal

If you can’t be faithful to your partner once they go out of your sight, you were never faithful in the first place. The urge to be with the person you love comes naturally and it drives you to remain loyal to them entirely.

  1. Blind faith on your partner

People we meet online are not always what they seem to be. It is hard to know the true intention of people by only judging through the conversation you had with them. Take the decision wisely before taking the next step.

  1. Not having enough time for oneself

Not being able to see each other sometimes makes our partners jealous but that should not stop you from enjoying your life. If there is a constant fear of an argument with your partner every time you go out with friends, it is a sign of a toxic relationship.