Great Books To Read About Relationships

Read About Relationships

A relationship is always not about laughter and joy. It includes phases of heartbreak, sadness. Every relation has its ups and downs. The trick is to maintain the balance in it. It is easier if you have a rapport and good understanding with your partner.

If you are a novice looking for some advice here are some great books that will help you handle those difficult situations with ease.

  • Soppy

This is a comic strip styled book by Phillipa Rice illustrates how lovers find joy in discovering small and petty things we tend to overlook at times. It reminds us love isn’t always about candlelight dinners, a romantic getaway or gifting expensive items. But it is in remembering small details about your partner, enjoying being silly with them or just saving the extra piece of pizza for them!

  • Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

A book by a former marriage counselor John Gray deals with the concept of opposite attracts. The most common and obvious problems couples face in a relationship are dealt with here. The author tries to explain only when we accept each other’s shortcomings and we accept the differences there can be a happy balance. Some consider it an ideal relationship guide!

  • He’s not just that into you

For all those constantly battling your inner voice about whether to take the next step forward with your partner or not, this is the book for you. Greg Behrendt gives you the real scenario behind those unanswered calls! It is more like a book for self-improvement and also an eye-opener. If you are struggling to make up your mind give a read.

  • When sorry isn’t enough

It is nothing unnatural to have fights, arguments, and misunderstandings. But in the long run, some situation arises when simple sorry falls short.  Garry Chapman and Jennifer Thomas describe ways of mending a broken relationship whether it is lover, friends or family. They explain honesty is the most important trait to fix problems. A rule many of us need to abide by.

  • The five languages of love

Garry Chapman explores the need for communication. And for those who lag behind in this case, some ideal substitutes. Tell your partner how much they mean to you without actually telling them verbally.

  • Happiness is a choice you make

This one details some important life lessons such as self-worth. John Leland puts forward a simple idea that if you yourself are not acknowledging your needs and happiness, you can never make your significant other happy. Respect your independence and take care of your happiness. Don’t lose yourself in the process of finding love.

  • Committed

The book deals with the delicate issues of after marriage relationships. Elizabeth Gilbert with her wit and brilliant way of story-telling makes even the serious issues and concerns seem easy to tackle. A follow up of the book Eat, pray, love it delves deeper into the after marriage relationships with the same ease and dedication.